Monday, January 12, 2009


After a little mix-up last week where it seemed the Department of Homeland Security had "lost" my fingerprints (they actually filed them under "Buding" rather than "Budig," no idea how that one came about...), we had good news today. The Boston DHS branch faxed our adoption agency the news that we had passed our fingerprint clearance and that our I600A (advanced petition to adopt an orphan) had been approved! Yea! So we are officially a "waiting family" and on the wait list for a referral. I think our "log-in" date is today, or 01/12/09.

As of last week, the "next family" on the wait list who is waiting for a child referral in our age bracket had a log in date of 3/13/08. So we are hopeful that we will be referred a child before the end of this year. Keep your fingers crossed!

In other news, we have taken in a stray kitten who had come to live under our front porch. She's a beautiful black kitten with yellow eyes. We've named her Zhana and are entranced with her. She's still vacillating between being a snuggler and an under-the-bed-hider.

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  1. Sounds like your journey is off to a good start. Good luck!!

    I don't understand how so many people can mess up a perfectly good last name as Budig! I was listed as "Budia Grey" online when my first book was released...what a mess.