Thursday, June 17, 2010

Still Waiting....

We haven't disappeared anywhere, we are still waiting for a referral. This spring we got to revisit the entire home study process, including fingerprinting, medical check-ups, financial updates, and re-applying to USCIS for our authorization to adopt...because our original documents were set to expire. Hopefully all of this paperwork will be sent by our adoption agency to the government again this week.

We are very hopeful of a referral this summer. It is increasingly hard to wait, but we did finally pick names (and thanks to everyone who gave us their opinion)! Sorry, no spoiler here, you'll have to wait to see what our little darling's name will be (everyone should get some practice waiting, no?).

Keep your fingers crossed for us on this terrifically long journey. Thank you for your support! Hopefully my next entry will have good news to report, and not take six more months....

Keeping the faith, M

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